The State of Blogosphere

I found an interesting read today over at David Sifry's, the founder of Technorti, blog about the state of Blogosphere. According to Technorati statistics, current trends show that growth rate of blogs is doubling every 5.5 months and that at its current size (Technorati currently tracks 27.5 million blogs) it is 60 times larger than it was just three years ago.

Think these numbers are astounding? Well here are some other quick facts about the growth of blogs...

- every day 75,000 new blogs are born
- 50% of new bloggers are still blogging after three months
- 50,000 new posts are added every hour.

The full update can be found in two parts. The second report is equally as interesting as the first and shows that the most linked (and blogged about sites) are mostly to main stream media.

Part 1: State of Blogosphere: Growth

Part 2: State of Blogosphere: Beyond Search

On a related note, this past week Technorati added an Authority meter feature that allows you to filter your blog search results based upon the popularity (determined by the number of sites linked to the blog) of the blog. It's an interesting way to find opinions and blogs that have the widest influence.

Image couresty of Technorati.

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Anonymous said...

Them figures were helpful for the blog class I am putting together.

Ed at MOR