If a Library is bookless, what's in it?

NPR did a great broadcast yesterday asking the question If a Library is bookless, what's in it? and among the program participants was our own Director, Charles Brown. Charles' contribution to the conversation was about building community spaces and partnerships with other organizations that add value to the community. The example ImaginOn.

What's great about ImaginOn is not only the partnership and with the Children's Theatre of Charlotte and the fabulous facility itself, but what really excites me about the facility is all the neat things that it offers for teens. Studio I, a multimedia studio for video and animation production, has got to be one of the coolest spaces any library has ever developed for teens and this lab is always popping with creativity. If you're ever in Charlotte, I would you encourage you to take a look. But if the distance is too great, you can catch a glimpse of some of the projects teens (& preteens) have created in Studio I below.

Studio I Videos:
Invasion (features the inside of ImaginOn)
Little Man Big Adventure
A planet called Veggie Burger

More info on ImaginOn & Studio I

BTW if you're interested in the full NPR broadcast (which was very interesting and covered a lot more ground then just building vibrant spaces) you can listen to it here.

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