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I know this blog is suppose to be about new technologies, but sometimes before you can move forward with adding new technology and services within your library you have deal with logistics of getting rid of the old. Such is the case with our system this year. With a PC replacement project covering nearly 400 units in the next few months, figuring out what to do with the old stuff (think big bulky monitors) is actually a much bigger issue then bringing in & setting up the new.

So...this past Saturday I assisted in our library’s second public used equipment sale which was held at Mint Hill. Like the 1st sale that we had two weeks ago at West Blvd, I was amazed at just how fast and efficient the sale went. When we opened the doors at 9 am and handed out numbers we had approx. 40 people for the sale (and therefore set a limit of one unit/adult) and by 9:35 am the last of the 37 units was sold! Although I haven’t done the exact math yet (we sold 32 units at WB in 33 minutes), it’s easy to see that it’s approximately 1 unit/minute. What was the secret to our success – I would guess that it’s a combination of a well organized sale, great branch staff participation (Thanks Neily & staff)and an awesome IT department that efficiently wiped the units cleaned (to DOD standards) and set up the whole sale.

You can view the rest of the few photos that I was able to capture (in between working the door) on Flickr

To sum it up, it was a great sale!! And, although we only raised just under $900 (the bulk of the units were 6+ yr-old P2s --Yes, I know it's sad that we still had some of these -- priced at fair market, which isn't much) it surely outweighed having to pay a liquidator $30/unit to cart them off for disposal! :)

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