Eight usability problems that haven’t changed …

Usability guru Jakob Nielson (and Hoa Loranger) have a new book out titled, Prioritizing Web Usability. Webmonkey has an excerpt

Though some of these bad design practices are less common on the web now, others are actually more of a problem because continued abuse has made users ever more sensitive to them.
Areas that still cause major problems include:
  • Links that don't change color when visited
  • Breaking the back button
  • Opening new browser windows
  • Pop-up windows
  • Design elements that look like advertisements
  • Violating Web-wide conventions
  • Vaporous content and empty hype
  • Dense content and unscannable text

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And from a look at the book’s cover – - I actually read his first book Designing Web Usability years ago -- I can see one other thing hasn’t changed … The plain two tone half-n-half cover.

Hmm... I wonder if this approach has been proven to improve the usability marketability of his books? I'll be honest, for me the cover just doesn't work.

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