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Funny, that I should find this blog comment from Matt in my mailbox after just delivering a co-presentation (with James Kelly) titled Information Literacy 1.5: Expanding the Toolbox & Bridging the Gap at the Metrolina Library Association Information Literacy Conference this afternoon.

Here’s Matt’s comment to my post about the Talis Innovation Contest:
“After reading this a few days back, I sent it off to a few friends that I thought might be interested and capable. Today while reviewing it again, I was wondering about the fact that innovation on the development level is great always needed, but what about innovation on the practical level of thought, policy, and philosophical approach to programs and services? That is usually the major stumbling block aside from funding in most orgs. I do think that Karen Schneider's current meme/manifesto on the: "User is not broken" has some very interesting points to make in reference to innovation, especially is it pertains to libraries.”

Here’s one of the slides from my presentation containing just a few tenets from The User is not Broken manifesto/meme:

Be sure to read the full manifesto/meme which is based in part on the thought provoking best seller, The Cluetrain Manifesto (also an excellent and easy read). I agree with Matt on Karen's very excellent meme - it does make some strong points about making our libraries more user centered which in turn leads to greater innovation in ALL areas of service (not just technology).

What are your thoughts on this manifesto? Do you agree or disagree with its tenets?

PS: I hope to have slides of the full presentation on online soon. :)

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