Guerilla Marketing Technique #6

As seen over at Forbes …10 Effective Guerrilla-Marketing Tactics.
Infiltrate the stacks.
Tucking fliers under windshield wipers is more annoying than effective. A better trick: Stuff business cards into relevant books at the library. One company providing investigative services to law firms slipped its cards into law tomes at the courthouse library. Attorneys and paralegals assumed that other firms used the company, giving it credibility and causing its phone to ring off the hook.

Isn’t this just what every library needs ...?

Personally, I'm taking this as a nice library compliment -- That libraries (and books) are an effective place to market things, means we're heavily used. :)

PS: Which brings me to another thought ... I'm wondering if there are any libraries out there that have effectively use this technique to market their own library services. Has yours?

Discovered via Wired

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