An invitation for innovation ...

This just out ... library automation company offers innovative library mashup competition ...

"Talis is pleased to announce the first competition intended to encourage innovation in the display, use, and reuse of data from and about libraries. The competition is open to all, and includes a first prize of £1,000 for the best entry."

And the best (and most forward thinking) part of it all ...
The competition is open to anyone, anywhere. You do not need to work in a library, and you do not need to use any Talis product. You simply need to have an idea for a way to make better use of existing information from or about libraries, and an ability to turn that idea into a 'mash up' or other application that shows it off to good effect.

Mashing up the Library Competition Announced

Talk about 2.0 - now THIS is VERY EXCITING!!!

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for your positive coverage of the competition - we really do hope to nurture something quite special here.

Can we look forward to a mutl06 entry from yourself...? :-)


Anonymous said...

After reading this a few days back, I sent it off to a few friends that I thought might be interested and capable. Today while reviewing it again, I was wondering about the fact that innovation on the development level is great always needed, but
what about innovation on the practical level of thought, policy, and philisophical approach to programs and services? That is usually the major stumbling block aside from funding in most orgs. I do think that Karen Schneider's current meme/manifesto on the: "User is not broken" has some very interesting points to make in reference to innovation, especially is it pertains to libraries.