Because I can't say it any better ...

head on over and read Tony's reaction to SJL's artice A Matter of (Radical) Trust:

"Though I understand that the writer of this article was coming mostly from perspective of a public school setting, my reaction was one of "did he just say what I thought he said?" ...and the sounds of a thousand balloons deflating could have been piped in as the soundtrack for the moment I read the last sentence. The writer begins his last paragraph by saying "...let me state very clearly that radical trust is just not going to work." (Once again insert a thousand balloons deflating)."

I'm just curious, did you hear balloons deflating too???

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Phil said...

I'm tempted to be very irritated and just say in a snappy tone of voice 'Get over it and stop being a dramatic prima donna.' It's a perfectly acceptable and understandable viewpoint. I moderate comments on my weblog not because I don't basically trust people, but because enough people out there have shown that my trust in the anonimity of the 'wisdom of the crowd' is misplaced.

Quite frankly, if you (generic you) think that one person is going to deflate thousands of balloons then you don't have much trust or belief in Web/Library 2.0 in the first place. I wonder how Harris would have been greeted if he'd said 'My main concern is not the safety of children' - doubtless he'd have been castigated, and quite rightly so. Moreover, he's not saying this can't be achieved; he is in actual fact saying that he wants to *try* and do something, not just say 'no'.

What also interests me is that no-one who disagrees with him appears to have commented on his post (could be waiting the ok from moderation of course), so if you (generic you again) really want to take up the challenge, to prove he's wrong, or to provide him with other options or possibilities don't sit there on your own weblog doing nothing. Go over and suggest, comment, discuss, assist, provoke and see if between you, his position can't be moved.

After all, that's what Web 2.0 should be all about, surely? (As a final point - you've got a captcha on. Don't you trust people?)