On Innovation & Entrepreneurship (or good stuff from Gullett)

Via Matt Gullett, this article on overcoming challenges and moving from innovation to entrepreneurship...

“They serve admirably while innovators transform their dreams into fledgling programs and steer their organizations through early growing pains. But there comes a time, albeit reluctantly, when most founders and their followers begin to understand that living from year to year does not ensure the future – and that is the moment when they begin migrating from innovation to entrepreneurship.”


“The culture of a traditional nonprofit, no matter how innovative, is vastly different from the culture of an entrepreneurial nonprofit. Entrepreneurs have a higher tolerance for risk, a greater appreciation of margins, an eagerness to compete. Traditional nonprofits distrust the capital markets, prefer collaboration to competition, and underestimate the productive capabilities of their disadvantaged employees. They watch other nonprofits become increasingly sustainable or self-sufficient, but are unwilling to emulate their practices.”

Read the full article, The single greatest challenge: Existing organizational culture is frequently the biggest obstacle for social entrepreneurs

Question: How can libraries move from innovation to entrepreneurship? And what changes need to occur in library cultures for this to happen?

PS: Thanks Matt! Interesting and thought provoking stuff.

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