Tagged (or we interrupt this regularly scheduled vacation for this??)

It’s been awhile since I’ve played tag. But since Sarah prompted me (and in the spirit of shameless indulgence) I’ll share with you…

Five Things You May Not (or care not to) Know About Me:
  1. Although I’ve lived in NC for nearly 18 years, I’m still a cheesehead at heart and spent my youth growing up in WI in a town that sat on the banks of Lake Superior and is affectionately called Souptown (think thick fog and a soupy lake effect) by the locals.

  2. Given the choice of chocolate or chedder, I’d picked cheese every time. (see I earn my home-state moniker honestly)

  3. During my youth, I was an avid swimmer and swam on two different teams at the same time. A patch on my swim jacket said “Instant swimmer, Just add water” and it was true. From the first practice session at 7 am to the last free swim of the day, I could always either be found at the Y or the university pool. These days I only swim in housework. :)

  4. I enjoy reading non-fiction almost exclusively and find that “real life” is always more interesting (and stranger) than fiction.

  5. My first car was a Ford Escort which I named Hannah. My second car was a red Nissan Sentra which I called Lucy. Now I drive a silver minivan. It doesn't have a name.

Ok, now it’s my turn to pass along the tag. But since it looks like everyone on the playground is already playing, I’m tagging YOU. So go on, you know you wanna play… What are your 5 things?

PS: Thanks Patrice for taking up the tag. I wanna here about walking to SC. :)

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