On IT resolutions and captaining boats blindfolded ...

Thanks to Darlene Ficher for highlighting this recent Gartner Group report, CIO Resolutions 2007. There’s some excellent stuff in here about … what CIO Library Directors/ Administrators should do MORE of 2007… do LESS of … and START doing.
“Social networks, collaboration, remote working, collective intelligence and web 2.0; the range of socio-technical phenomena allowing people to interact, create value and contribute it in new ways is changing fast. This will transform the nature of business organization, labour supply, rights and responsibilities.”

Of the 10 suggested resolutions, the last one resonated with me the most…

10. Get 'hands on' with new trend-leading technologies

“Immediate priorities often prevent IT leaders from taking time to experience new trend-leading technologies for themselves. This often means they can't create the concrete business benefits that these imaginative possibilities stimulate.”

Business benefits … Imaginative possibilities? Yes, library directors / administrators need to “play” with these technologies also. For if you’re not “in-the-know”, you may be not only rowing your library’s strategic planning process against the current, but also captaining it blind-folded too!.

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