Let the video fun begin ...

I’ve been amazed by the amount of video and audio tools that have been popping up lately and these latest finds are no exceptions:

  • SceneMaker- allows you to clip/edit online hosted videos. Just enter the source URL for the video, clip and edit with the online editor and save.

  • YouTube Quick Capture – allows you to upload videos directly from your webcam

  • YouTube Mobile – upload videos from your cellphone

    and one that I’ve played with before…

  • JumpCut – another great online editing tool that let you upload video/images from your PC, Flickr and Facebook and create short movies.

With Denver PL’s recent YouTube contest (a very kewl koncept) and some of these free tools, anyone can become an amateur Spielberg or Kubrick and best of all... have lots of fun doing it. :)

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