Tutzing, Berlin & Frankfurt Presentations

It's been an amazing week of conversations and good company. Each and everytime I spoke with either an individual or a group of German librarians, I walked away with not only a wonderful feeling that the world has indeed grown smaller, but also that the issues facing libraries are more global then ever.

It was such a pleasure to talk with librarians, teachers and journalists from all over the Germany in Tutzing, Berlin & Frankfurt, and while the speaking schedule that the American Counsulate set up seemed a bit packed at times, I've enjoyed my stay in throughly.

I finally was able to get FTP to work tonight from my hotel in Frankfurt. So for those of you that who wish to have a copy of my talk, please feel free to grab it.

Library 2.0: Transforming the Library through the Web (ppt)

Also a special thanks to Joerg, Patricia, Marianne, Renata, Nancy & Miriam for making my stay fantastic!

And for those fo you looking for a German version of Learning 2.0 (or are willing to help translate it) be sure to touch base with Patrick over at Bibliothek 2.0 und Mehr ... ( Patrick - u rock!)

UPDATE: A wiki has been setup for the German version of Learning 2.0. You can find it here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Helene, thank you for the flowers. I realy hope we will meet again. It was realy inspiring. The translation goes on well, we started already to translate the third lecture. Very interesting is that now someone who hear you in Munich, in cologne and in berlin and someone who missed you talks work togehter.
I hope realy there would get more people involed but we have just started.