The big “C” word has been in my mind a lot these days. Not “c” as in “change”. Nor “c” as in “community”, “collaboration” or “creativity” – though I have found myself using all of these words a lot lately – but rather “C” as in “Curiosity” So in reading Paul William’s recent post on The Ultimate Business Advantage I couldn’t help but smile. A curious mind is indeed one of the best attributes to have...

“Curiosity leads people to seek new, better ways of doing things.

Curiosity forces people to accept failure as a learning experience.

Curiosity keeps pushing people to ask "why" beyond that first easy answer.

Curiosity is never being satisfied with the "best practices" of someone else. ”

I agree with Paul. It is a huge business advantage. But I also think it’s much more than an edge. It’s an elixir to knowledge, wisdom & most importantly... staying young. :)

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