Social Media Report

Universal McCann, an international social media communications firm, has just released their 3rd Wave report comparing the growth and use of social media tools across the globe.

What’s interesting to see is how far the US is adoption-wise compared to many other countries. But in looking at countries like Korea and Netherlands, who’s adoption rate was both much higher and earlier than the US, it’s easy to see that G3 broadband makes a huge difference.

“Social media – and blogs in particular – are becoming a more important part of global media consumption for internet users than some traditional media channels.

Globally 73% of internet users are reading blogs with 48% including these consumer-generated content in their weekly media diet.

While not markets are as developed, in each of the 29 countries surveyed social media is becoming a key constituent of global media consumption.”

Catch the highlights from the study in this slideshare, Wave .3

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