A nice surprise

I love little surprises … and today brought one of them. In scanning through recent images uploaded by my “Flickr friends”, I discovered a whole new set of photos showcasing CML’s greatest asset – our staff.

PS: Can't wait to see some of these new ones incorporated into the CML site - especially that one of Todd. :)


Anonymous said...

Those photos are wonderful marketing! My immediate impression is that CML has a great staff and is a fun place to work and to visit as a patron. Our library, on the other hand, is stuck in stuffy academic hell, so our "progressive" staff photos resemble mug shots from the FBI's 10 most wanted list.

Anonymous said...

These are great. You have a really good looking staff. It's great that you'll have this resource ready and available when you need an image for the Web site or a sign or brochure.

Kay said...

Wow, I love love love this. The white background turns the personalities into icons. How did they do this?