L3 Leadership

In the last 48 hours, I’ve read through this 34 page leadership manifesto, The L3 Leadership "State of Being", twice. (It’s an easy read, trust me) Why? Because as a new department director for a new-to-me large library system I’m still working to develop and adapt my leadership style to a new environment, new community and a new set of colleagues - all 700+ of them :).

What I like about this manifesto is the three part emphasis on “leading self” first, followed by “leading with others” next. And as the manifest maintains, once you’re effective in these two leadership disciplines, you will be more effective in “leading others.”

Specifically among the many good thoughts in this document, this one on “leading self” struck a cord with me:

"Here are four important keys to L1, Leading Self. We refer to them as the Four P’s of Self-Leadership: Purpose, Performance, Planning and Problem Solving.

Let’s take them one at a time:

Purpose: Knowing what is important to you and where you are going.

Performance: Understanding how you (You, Inc.) are currently performing in all departments of work and life.

Planning: Mapping out a direction to improve, maintain, and lead all areas of work and life.

Problem Solving: Using your resources and skills to make needed changes in your life and work."

Those that know me well, probably aren’t surprise to see the “P” alliteration. All I can say is that at least they weren’t “Es” :)

NTS: Work on the P’s to support the my learning journey on the all “new” things listed in paragraph one. :)


Anonymous said...

"All I can say is that at least they weren’t 'Es'"

LMBO...I see Es everywhere now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Helene!
This looks like one for the reading list...perhaps on the plane to Boulder in a couple of weeks ;)!