Digital Experience Manager @ CML

I’ve been without Internet access at home since last Thursday -- moving into a new home does that -- so I haven’t been able to share this exciting announcement until now...

There’s a new opportunity at CML for someone with great skills, who wants to work with a great team at a great library in a great and emerging area of emphasis – Digital Experience. Have I overused that adjective enough for you? :)

Digital Experience Manager:

“Under the general direction of the Director of Digital Strategy (that’s me) , the Digital Experience Manager plans, administers, coordinates and drives all aspects of the digital customer experience including customer engagement, usability testing, design, content creation and service delivery. With a high level of independence and accountability, the position oversees the design and development process for the library's websites and coordinates digital services efforts system-wide working closely with Information Technology, Community Relations', and Development and Public Services' staff to ensure the library's development process and services are customer-centric.”

More information and online application.

PS: Did I mention how "great" an opportunity I thought this was. Heck, if I wasn't already employed by CML already as Digital Strategy Director, I'd be tempted to apply for it myself. :)

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Greg Schwartz said...

Holy job listing, Batman! I'd think that the first minimum qualification alone rules out the vast majority of your readership. Then again, I can't really claim to know anything about your readership. Good luck finding that special someone!