Thing 7: The technology post

Ok, so I've got an hour to kill at the airport as I wait for my flight to depart, so I thought I'd write a post about “something technology” and fulfill my Learn & Play commitment.

Starbucks is my favorite place at CMH to hang out before flights and it helps that it's located kitty corner from gate B22 (USAir's designated gate for traffic in route through CLT). What makes this event any different from any other time that I've waited in Starbucks for a flight to leave, is that this time I'm traveling with a new companion, my Asus Eee PC. And from the looks I occasionally catch from the 13+ folks around me, my little compact laptop is envious for sure.

In Starbucks, all 14 available seats are currently taken up by travelers like me. They all have laptops open (Yes, all 14) and are busy typing away or reading a screen. I'm the only one with a sub-laptop and I must it admit, its both amazingly sweet and liberating to not have to carry around a separate laptop case and lug it on the plane. At 9 inches across, this laptop is smaller in size then most books I read. And best of all it fits in my purse.

My Asus Eee 901 has also introduced me to more then the benefits of size and weight. For the first time I'm using Linux as the operating system and sticking to OpenOffice apps for all my computing needs. I've used OpenOffice for years – in fact at mfpow we installed it on all staff PCs – but Linux as my primary OS is new to me. So far I'm liking it and find it extremely user friendly and intuitive. Wireless connections are breeze and it even runs my all my PowerPoint presentations. Last night I gave a talk to a group of about 30 and had no problem running my 39mb presentation on OpenOffice – even my slide transitions worked. :) The only glitch I had was display problem with some small text. But this was an LCD connection thing, not my new PC.

Anyway, I'm loving my new travel friend and am so happy to be leaving my 14” 7lb couch companion at home. I'm not abandoning my old laptop forever (the larger keyboard & storage size are still major benefits). But when traveling, I'm sticking to my new friend. Two lbs is far better then 12... and I've gotten rid of a carry on bag. :) My arms are dancing about this too!


Anonymous said...

I'd love a one/two month report on how your little Asus is doing. As I mentioned on twitter I'm looking to pickup on of these minis and I'm curious as to how it holds up to your expectations as I know you're a power user.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until Linux and Open Office are integrated into my workflow at CML (I use a portable version of OO, as well as other progs, already). Maybe not this year, but I see it coming. The shackles of Microsoft won't be completely shorn for years after this integration because those products still have things to offer, but the gap is closing quicker than I thought possible a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to see this?

Bobbi Newman said...

Helen When I read this post last week it sealed the deal on my desire for a Dell mini. I ordered it last week and hopefully it will be here in time for IL08! :)

Susan V at CML said...

I haven't had my laptop for that long and absolutely love the freedom it gives me but I must admit the 12+ lbs. I lugged around at my conference in Vegas and through the airport felt more like 50. Your mini looks way cool!!