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Ok …it’s confession time. I hate to admit this, but I had almost completely forgotten that I set up the list of Learning 2.0 23 Things on the 43 Things website way back in June so that if there were folks that stumbled across from outside the PLCMC system, they would also have some type of tool to track their progress with.

Since the beginning I have been following all along on the blogs of 2 dozen or so people who did sent me an email and ask to have their blog added to list. But with 352 PLCMC blogs (about 200 seem active on any given week) on the participant list, the 43 Things list just kinda drop off my radar IYKWIM. So when I noticed an a lot of hits on the L2 site coming from 43 Things, my memory was jogged. :)

Imagine my surprise to see so much action on the 43 Things website (compete with lots of great feedback and comments about the exercises and the program) -- and it’s comments like these that really make me smile ...

And since it’s seems that I have been asked this at least a dozen times this past week, I’ll reiterate it here...

No, there are no plans to take the Learning 2.0 site & it’s 23 learning discovery exercises down. It will remain up there as long as Blogger keeps it and with luck it may even morph into more learning opportunities in the near future. :)

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