23rd Thing posted!!!

It's Sunday AM and I just finished posting the last exercise for Learning 2.0 - Yippee!!! [insert happy dance here]. So to celebrate, I thought I'd post a slide show of some my favorite L2 images created by the staff members participating in the program.

A number of participants have already blogged their final thoughts about the program and if early returns (Note: There's still a month to go in the program) are any indication, then I'd say all this work I've done in creating this program has more than definitely been worth it.

OK 9:31 am - last post added. It's now time to grab a shower. :)

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Nice Guy said...

Great slide show of generated images. I'm the maker of (where you made a few pics), maybe I should supply a slideshow maker for members as it's a great way to show off multy images. I will have to learn a bit more about dynamic Flash content...

Thanks for showing good use of my site and other image generators on the net.