It's up to us!!

It rattles one to the core to read opinion pieces like this
"Libraries are inefficient ... Libraries are limited…. Libraries are obsolete…"

But unfortunately I think there are a lot folks in our communities with this same misconception. And in some cases they may be right -- but personally I'm doing my best to not have it happen in my community. :)

So how do we counter this attitude? How do we proceed? How do we educate? And how do we meet the changes in our community's needs?

Michael Stephens drafts a response with 10 great points to ponder, but the most important one is the last … #10 It's up to us!
"All of these things, user-centered as they may be, depend on us – Librarians (& staff professionals) -- to advocate for funding, to market ourselves and our services, to prove value, to build bridges, to bring community together, to innovate, to change, to hold our core values close yet not be afraid to break down barriers. It’s up to us."

Read the full post … it’s well said!

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Anonymous said...

I disagree with much of what the author of the opinion piece had to say, but it's hard to argue with this point: "Don’t expect kids, seniors, and everyone else to trudge downtown for the convenience of librarians."