Teen Second Life Library Announced!!

It feels like this announcement has been in the works for months, so it's wonderful to be able to actually share it ...

PLCMC partners with Alliance Library system to open cultural/creative space in virtual world

Charlotte, NC - Oct. 6, 2006 - The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (PLCMC) and the Alliance Library System are pleased to announce a partnership to collaborate on the “Eye4You Alliance,” an island in Teen Second Life that will offer virtual library services to teens.

Teen Second Life is a 3-D, international gathering place on the Internet where teens 13-17 can make friends, play, learn and create. Teens create a digital version of themselves, called an avatar, that they use to travel around the “virtual world,” meet new people and participate in a variety of activities.

The goal of “Eye4You Alliance” is to create an interactive and informative space for young adults within the Teen Second Life virtual world and to collaborate with other educators who serve youth and are already present in Teen Second Life and in real life.

Read the full press release at

For more information, contact Teen Second Life Project Leaders Matt Gullett, mgullett (at) or Kelly Czarnecki, kczarnecki (at)

Thanks Matt & Kelly for leading this effort for our system and to Lori Bell and the Alliance Library System for partnering and supporting us. It's truly exciting to be invloved in such an exciting project.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting... will this basically just carry traditional models of reference service over to a 3D virtual world (ie people approach a desk, pose a question, librarian probes, etc.) or do you foresee a break from that in this new space?

Anonymous said...

The link appears to be broken.

Anonymous said...

That is great news. I know that the folks at ImaginOn have been working on this for quite some time. I hope that this 3-D experience will not only broaden our horizons virtually but also be able to apply things learned in Second Life in the real world as well.