Learning 2.0 Update

Opps! I left my flash drive at home with my Learning 2.0 slides on it from my recent talk at IL2006 but will post the .pdf from my talk this weekend. My presentation is now online at -- Yup, I couldn't resist trying out this new online storage site - 1 gb Free :)

Learning 2.0 slides - .pdf

Anyway, if you missed the talk or want a recap of what I covered, here's a few links to review:

Thanks Sarah, Meredith & David for doing such an excellent job on blogging the session. It saves me from remembering what I did and did not cover in the morning's blurr. :)

PS: It was also great to finally meet the three of you too and put a friendly face to your blogs. :)

PSS: The numbers for L2 are up - 360 blogs created, 165 MP3 players given away and still 4 days left to the big laptop drawing.:)

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Anonymous said...

You are very welcome. And it was great to meet you too! Your Learning 2.0 project is an inspiration to us all.