Fab Friday Salute

Today’s Fab Friday has a personal twist that started this summer with my daughter’s 2nd grade school supply list. The list was posted on the school website in June with the normal stuff – white glue, pencils, pink erasers & crayons – but what stopped me short was the second to last mandatory item which read (I kid NOT)... “ 1 Charlotte Mecklenburg Library card in the child’s name.”

Fast forward many weeks and two school bulletins later to last weeks principal’s message that announced that St. Patrick's had met its goal in the library card campaign -- 100% participation!

There’s one special individual that especially deserves this Fab Friday Salute for taking an idea (putting a library card in the hands of every kindergartener to 5th grader) and making it a reality. Hat’s off to Nancy Synder, children's Manager at Morrison Regional for leading the charge and making the difference. Given the huge number of children in both the CMS system and private schools in our area this effort is nothing short of monumental… but she did it!!!!! It's been all over the news for the past week and half and it's easy to see that So Much to See, So Much to do @ Library is making a huge impact!!!

Thanks Nancy & team for such a great idea!! And after seeing all the cards and applications pilled high in that news story video, I think I also need to extend a salute to all the circulation staff too that are entering them. :)

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