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Peter Bromberg at Library Garden on the Library as Place...

"Libraries are transformative places. By our very nature we offer people a “third place” (not home, not work) where they can come to explore, imagine, think, learn, play, and reflect. Our function as a “third place” has never been more important to our continued health and relevance. If libraries are to survive and thrive we must redouble our efforts and refocus our energies to ensure that we are not only “third places" but destinations of choice."

A short a good read which offers "six things you can do today to enhance your library's status as a true "third place" in your community."

Also of interest and cited by Peter, South Jersey Regional Library's Trading Spaces: Reinventing the Library Environment

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Peter Bromberg said...

Thanks for the link Helene. Kathy Schalk-Greene, who did a truly amazing job as project manager of the Trading Spaces Project has just added a post to the Garden on
Merchandising at the Library
. For those who are interested, I commend your attention to the
Trading Spaces DIY page
. One of the stories behind the story here is how Kathy and Joan Bernstein (Mount Laurel Director and current NJLA President) expertly managed an incredible amount of change in a short period of time by getting input from, and constantly communicating with, staff and customers.

If there are any change management students out there, here's a case study to beat all case studies! -Pete