Customizing Learning 2.0

(or tips on De-PLCMC-izing the exercises)

Thinking of duplicating Learning 2.0 for your staff and are wondering which exercises might need a little bit of reworking to make them work for your organization better? Here's my suggestions ...

  • #5 - Flickr exercise - This exercise suggests that participates use PLCMCL2 to tag any images they upload to Flickr. To make this more relevant to your library, I'd suggest coming up with a unique tag of your own.
  • # 14 - Tagging in Technorati - ditto. Go the unique tag route so participants can see blog posts tagged by your own staff members.
  • #17 - Wiki Sand box - Since this wiki is already so heavily populated with "favorites" from PLCMC staff, I might suggest that you create your own wiki sandbox using PBwiki. It's really very easy, just give it a try.
  • #22 - Netlibrary - If your library/organization does not subscribe to this service, then I would suggest substituting this exercise for one of your own. Can't think of any? Why not have staff explore MySpace & FaceBook and see how other libraries are using these social networking sites to reach out to users.

That's it -- I think? Everything else is pretty much fully usable in its current format. So if you're thinking about doing the program for your location, let me know and once you have it developed I can add you to the list. So far I know of nearly 2 dozen libraries that are looking at or in the process of doing a Learning 2.0 program of their own, but only 2 so far have completed their development and/or launched the program:

Yarra Plenty Library System Melbourne, Australia - already launched and flying with success! :)
Missouri River Regional Library Jefferson City, MO - They're doing 29 things. Yeah for MRRL! :)

Let me know & I'll add yours :)

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Anonymous said...

We're going to try our own here at the Nelson County Public Library. Our Board of Trustees were so excited when I proposed the program, they asked if they could participate too! We launch next Thursday.

Suz said...

I first saw your project when I was starting my own journey of discovery into the web2.0 tool, and was so inspired it was lodged in the back recesses of my brain. So this year, when trying to find ways of engaging the staff I work with into using the tools, I have decided to follow your lead and develop a learning 2.0 journey for them. It is fairly modified, and specific to our situation - teachers in a secondary college in the South East suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.
Thanks so much for your inspiration and sharing of resources, it has certainly made putting our project together a lot less stressful.