PLCMC in Beta ...

After much anticipation, I’m pleased to share in the excitement that the new PLCMC website is officially open for preview. During the month of November, we running our new site in beta and soliciting feedback from users to help us continually improve the site.

Some of you may recall that we held focus groups with library users way back in the early spring which helped us revaluate our initial designs for the new site. After several development diversions this year, including the much needed and well received online payment of fines & fees application, the new PLCMC site is finally ready for launch.

My favorite part of the home page are the photos of patrons and staff interacting and I love the fact that you can set your home page to your favorite branch and always see a smiling face of a user that loves your home location as much as you whenever you visit.

What’s next? Well in addition to adding more RSS feeds, I hope we’ll see lots of other little improvements over the coming months … Stay tuned. :)

Congrats Chuck, Ian, Paul & Curtis! You guys deserve an early Fab Friday Salute for pulling this one together so well.

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