More thoughts on that "T" word ...

To some degree I feel as if I’m channeling Michael or Jenny as I’m nodding my head in agreement and saying “Yes... YES!” to a colleague’s recent comment on my blog.

“Yes! to "transparency!" This is a concept that I've been thinking much about lately. I think it is--as you note--one of the cornerstones of L2. It really has to be. By keeping our growth, functions, learning curves, you-name-it, transparent there is much less room for miscommunication, for misunderstanding--and most importantly, dishonesty. All of these things may seem so heady and abstract to be spinning out of a discussion of technology, but again I go back to the idea that technology is not the "thing itself" is what it represents, what it brings up for us as individuals or as an organization--in this case growth. A commitment to transparency says that we are growing together, creating a stronger community together.”

Thanks Tony for letting me post this gem. I couldn’t agree more! Growth is the one of best outcomes of transparency… and who couldn’t use more of that?

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