L2 Finale & Video

Wow what a journey the last 3 months have been since Learning 2.0 was first kicked off for staff back in August. For me the journey has been incredible in that I've been totally amazed by the energy, enthusiasm, learning and sharing that has come from the staff participating in this program. They all have truly inspired me and I can't help but think that in many ways it's this type of "learning" experience (fun, engaging and social) that our patrons crave too! I'm not specifically talking about doing a Learning 2.0 program for patrons -- although it has been tossed around -- but rather it's the "experience" part that is important to the learning process and this transcends to the services and offerings in our physical spaces too!

Anyway... I know that some of you are curious to know how the final numbers played out. In all 362 staff members joined in this experience and created a blog (that's 67% of our 540 member staff) and 226 completed the program (which is 101 more than my original goal for this optional voluntary program) and earned the MP3 player. And among all the final thought posts (see them tagged here) only 3 staff members indicated that they didn't feel their participation was worth it - and even so, they still recieved an MP3 player. :)

I plan to sum up the lessons learned from this program over the next few days and post my thoughts so that other libraries that have either started a Learning 2.0 program or are looking at developing one can benefit from PLCMC's experience.

In closing, I just have to say that this has been perhaps the most rewarding experience of my ten years here at PLCMC so far and the icing-on-the-cake to it all has been in reading and hearing from staff how very much they appreciated the encouragement and time to just "play" and "learn."

More later ... but for now pop on over to Learning 2.0 to see my YouTube video of closing remarks. :)

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