Libraries & open infosystems …

I would have loved to have been a fly on wall at the SJL’s recent Leadership Summit, but reading through Joyce Valenza’s recap of the conversation on her blog Never Ending Search is nearly just as good ...

“We are now part of an open infosystem, though we may have been trained in an era of information scarcity. Information used to be not easy to find, expensive, hard to get to. The current situation is one of information ubiquity. We make a huge mistake when we make a firewall line between approved library information and the other data students find. We lost that battle—information gathering has left the building. We can no longer say, “Don’t go there—come here instead.” Learning happens nights and weekends when we’re not looking. It is not accurate to expect that it will all take place in an area we will control.”

Read the full post of thoughts and while you’re at it, add Joyce to your newsreader too!"

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