2.0 Rules

Joyce Valenza offers up a short list of 2.0 rules to live by that’s so great I just have to share ...

"Ask Later: Don’t say, “But I can’t” or “But what about. . .?” Many of us are working ahead of the rules. So, if what you plan to do is instructionally sound, if you are not breaking any rules, and if no children will be hurt in the process, then exercise some academic freedom. Do it. Make it a success. Do it before someone thinks of a reason why you should not. If you wait for explicit permission, you will miss the bus.

Train Thyself: The stuff we are working with is pretty new. Don’t wait till the big expert comes to town with the most convenient workshop. You cannot wait for the annual conference. Visit any conference that interests you via webcast or podcast. Find someone else who wants to learn, who may know a little more and train each other. Seek the training you need and learn it yourself. And this is related to another new rule. . .

You Can’t Punch This Clock
: I can’t even imagine being granted prep or workshop time to learn all I know I need to learn, as well as what I don’t even know I need to learn. No one can really fully teach you how to integrate blogs or wikis in YOUR classroom, for your learners. You cannot learn digital storytelling in a one-hour workshop. You’ve got to expect to invest the time it takes on your own time. Folks who expect release time will absolutely miss the 2.0 bus.

Don’t Make the Beds: Intrepid pioneers don’t worry about clean sheets. Ten years ago when I discovered the impact of what I was doing on the Web, I knew I had to give stuff up. I don’t do inventory every year. I don’t make my beds everyday. My drawers are hopeless, but I am getting to be a way better teacher and librarian.

Delegate Up: You don’t need to know how to do everything. You can be an imposter in some arenas and it is okay to admit it. It is definitely okay to recognize and celebrate the talents of experts who may be 14-years-old. Let them help. Let them lead.

Stop to Smell the Learning: Sniff around. What is really happening? When you do that new project, reflect. Not just on what worked and what didn’t, or on whether you met your expected goals. Were there surprises? Insights? Did you spot any collatoral learning? Did students improve process skills?"

Joyce asks if there’s any rules you would add and at first thought I couldn’t think of any But then it occurred to me…
Pick up your toys later - leave them out & continually PLAY!

PS: Check out Joyce's contribution to new signs for your library. I want to frame these. :)

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Reading these "new rules" make me think about how many times we really miss the bus--how many times we missed it today alone! We're often too busy "PLANNING" for the change..and then realize change has passed us by while we're looking for the pencil (undoubtedly a dull one) to check off our little prescribed to-do lists. Putting the policy before the practice so often equals SOSO (same old, same old).
T. Tallent