Michael Stephens: Top Ten Trends

Michael Stephen’s offer up some great thoughts on ten trends that are shaping society and libraries:

  1. Conversations: “A new level of conversations are taking place online, with or without you, so find ways to participate and give folks a place to "talk" in your online realm.”

  2. Convergence: [I’m glad to see that I’m not the only to devour Henry Jenkin’s lastest offering :) ] “A thread running through all of these trends is the idea that the general public to some degree has adopted tools and technologies that allow them to interact with media.”

  3. Content: “Today we have YouTube Celebrities famous for their down home content creation. Who knew that launching a blog, podcast, videocast or some other content-producing mechanism could lead to fame in fortune in the converged world?”

  4. Redefining LIS Jobs: “Yes, we've always realigned library jobs to reflect chnages in technology and library services, but this time I think we are seeing an integration of technology, innovation and newer ways to position library jobs for the future.”

  5. Citizen Journalism: “We've entered the age of the citizen journalist who can report from practically anywhere a cellular or wifi signal can reach.”

  6. We’re Human: “This is the social trend. People want to make connections. One way to do that is online. People want to express their humanity.”

  7. Openess & Sharing: “Openness is the new's an open world...are you unable or unwilling to adapt? Sharing content, thoughts and ideas should be the norm."

  8. Participation: “Folks have found that on the Web they can participate in creating content that enhances our lives: rating hotels, noting fabulous dining places, sharing book reviews, etc.”

  9. & 10. Experience & Play: “Hand in hand with experience, comes PLAY. Let's make this stuff fun. Try Second Life for the experience and to FLY folks! It's just plain fun. Ponder how you'll play this coming year”

Read the full post here for lots of other great thought provoking conversation.

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