Is your iceberg melting?

Thanks to a recommendation I picked up Our Iceberg is Melting this afternoon and just as George had said, it was an interesting & easy read. (you can read it in an hour)

When a colony of penguins discovers their beloved home is melting, a sense of urgency is created. But how does a colony that’s never know anything but their comfortable frozen turf move forward when presented with this problem? The parable is interesting.

In reading the story, it’s easy to see similarities in every field and profession. Change happens, it’s inevitable. But it’s how people as a group react to it that makes the cultural shift either a success or a failure.

Within MOPW, we’re undergoing a lot of unknown change right now in the form of a pending reorganization. No one knows what the outcome will be, but after reading this short story, I’m beginning to feel a little like Fred (the penguin scanning the horizon) and a lot like one of the “scouts.” (helping the clan search for icebergs that offer something better).

Anyway, for those who are interested in the story in nutshell, here’s the 8 Steps of Leading Change:

PS: Yeah! I earned my Hero of Change medal on my first try - and mastered both levels of the game in only 49 seconds. :)

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