Rock the Future Recap

I've been meaning to post a few notes about the awesome event here on Monday that featured George Needham and Patricia Martin.

Since the Rock the Future event, I've been flooded at work with nothing but great feedback about the thoughts and ideas that both George and Patricia shared. George spoke first and offered up many great thoughts from both OCLC's Environmental Scan and the Perceptions report. My favorite slide from George's talk was this one that demonstrate three prominent trends; self service (as in users want the options to do things themselves), disaggregated information (users want it packaged in small easily accessible chunks and in multiple formats), and collaboration (users want to interact with each other and have options that allow them to work together and feed off of other users).

Patricia Martin spoke next about the expectations and needs of the “renaissance generation” and stressed the for building library services that engaged, provided experiences for people and offered opportunities for creativity. Our society is in another renaissance being driven and catapulted by the information channels and creative commons that are bond together by the internet. Today's generation craves experiences and the ability to create, collaborate and connect with other like minded individuals.

I wish I that every member of our staff could have attended the afternoon to hear both of these thought provoking talks. But we did have over 100 there and the great thing is that now both the presentations as well as audio are packaged up neatly and available for all staff on our intranet. :)

In the end the afternoon served it’s purpose in helping to jump start the conversation. And now we’re planning follow-up workshops with staff to continue the exploration.

More flickr photos here. (thanks Ian)

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