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It looks like this meme started with Rachel Singer Gordon, but Meredith was the one who tagged me, so here goes...

What are the non-biblioblogs that I enjoy reading? There are many in my RSS feeds, but these 5 are among my current top favorites:

  • Indexed – I wish my brain was as brilliant as Jessica Hacy’s. Her index cards are so amazing (and often thought provoking) that not a day goes by that I miss checking out her blog. From all indications, she’s only been blogging for just over 6 months and in the past month alone she’s been offered a book deal and is being featured weekly on the BBC website.

  • Seth’s Blog – I appreciate Seth Godin’s ability to continuously offer up and challenge the norms of leadership, innovation and marketing. His thoughts are generally short and to the point and always seem to offer me something to think about.

  • Pete Gorman’s blog – It’s no secret that Charlotte’s new school superintendent is fighting an uphill battle. With lagging student performance, redistricting woes, staff shortages and budget cuts, I think he has the most difficult job in the entire metro area. What makes his blog standout is his open and honest approach to communciation and problem solving. I think there’s a lot to learn from this leadership style.

  • PressThink – Jay Rosen has started a new project for Wired called AssignmentZero, which looks like an experimental project/partnership/blend of crowdsourcing and participatory journalism. I’m fascinated by all the changes and new trends that are emerging right now, so I’m eager to see where this project may lead and following Jay’s blog is one way to keep informed.

  • BuzzMachine - Because I love how Jeff Jarvis just stirs up the status quo. His main target is the traditional journalism machine and he’s not afraid to smudge the ink or stop the presses.

Ok. So it’s my turn to pass on the tag. Hmmm, let's see ... how about hearing from Michael Casey, Chystie Hill, Michael Stephens, Michele McLean and Tony Tallent.

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Slacker Manager:
Reading this blog helps me remember that there are other folks out there managing people, ideas and projects in new ways and testing the old assumptions about the best way to do things!