1:15 AM Thoughts on Learning

--> Note: This post is for personal observation only. Sometimes my genius (cough, choke, cough) befuddles me. :) <--

My husband knows better then to ask where I’m going when I jump out of bed at 1:15 in the morning and head downstairs… inevitability it’s to pen a thought on paper so I can get it out of my head.

In the kitchen there are at least three legal pads full of twilight scratch marks and every once in awhile, I take a thought (those that are coherent enough) and turn them into a post or a chapter.

Tonight, I reread the gibberish of something that I penned over a month ago. The beginning made sense (it still needs a lot of work though), as did the middle… but it was the ending (which I had forgotten about) that made me stop and shake my head …

1:15am notes

“Why is the qualifier "lifelong" needed when you talk about learning? … All learning is lifelong. The only thing that isn’t (lifelong learning) is death.” -- how's that for profound. :)

Note to self: You need to write more less after midnight!

Does anyone else do this?

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