3 Months, 3 Bands, 3 ways to ROCK at the Library

For some reason I kinda feel like a proud but quirky aunt showing-off-my-nephew's-baby-photos posting this, but I just can't resist ... because this is so totally fun and innovative! I have totally nothing do with the awesome project other then being a cheerleader. But seriously, does this not ROCK ?!!

Tony Tallent
, PLCMC's Youth Services Director, is the brainchild behind the Tricycle Music Fest summer concert series with Jason Hyatt & Angela Craig lending their exceptional talents to pulling the it all together as well.

The other day Tony gave me a Jellydots cd to listen with my girls and when I picked up the hubby for the drive home that day, even David commented that he liked the band didn't even notice that the lyrics were "kid friendly" until three songs. The Jellydots cover of Schoolhouse Rock's Three is a Magic Number is what clued him in. :)

Anyway, as a mom to both a 5 and 7 year-old, this is perhaps the most exciting and innovative public program that PLCMC has done for my daughters age group all year. You can bet the three of of us will be in the audience rocking out and having a great time at each and every event.

PS: I just noticed the dates for the JellyDots concert series is right during ALA --- pah! I'm bummed! But Dan Zanes & Friends looks and sounds just as fun, as does Lunch Money. :)


Anonymous said...

sounds like such much fun... thanks for the tip...!! said...

Hi Helene!
Thanks for helping build the buzz about Tricycle Music Fest! This project has created so many opportunities to activate talented staff and's just the type of thing that can put the pep into the workday and remind everyone that the Library really has very little limitations in what we can offer to our community.
Rock on!