Scrapblog Discoveries

I've been enjoying the discoveries lead by Jamie this month over at Learning 2.1, but her latest discovery and post on Scrapblog demonstrates the potential that this tool can offer. Jamie created a Scrapblog of a few of her favorite books and embedded a multimedia presentation for easy viewing. I'll be honest, I hadn't thought of using this online tool this way (to promote favorite books), but with Jamie's guidance I'm seeing the possibilities.

Anyway, I guess that's what the neat thing about having different people serve as Discovery Guides for the Learning 2.1 project. Discoveries and ideas can come from virtually anyone and the wonderful thing about the Internet is that it offers a playground in which we all can share.

If you haven't taken a look Scrapblog, follow Jamie's suggestions. And if you need some inspiration, her scrapblog slideshow is amazing!!

Thanks Jamie!!!

PS: Interested in taking the Discovery Guide baton for a month on Learning 2.1 yourself? it's easy ... just shoot me an email with a small sample post.


Beckyb said...

When I click on your links - it doesn't take me anywhere - just gives me an error - it sure sounded like a great idea though!! HELP!!

Caleb Elston said...

Hi, I found your blog and would like to say hello, I work at Scrapblog and we get so excited when we see educational and informational scrapblogs. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know, we read all of our email.