LCPL Staff Day

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in Loudoun County Public Library’s staff day along with Stephen Abram (I never tired of hearing Stephen speak). It was great day of conversation which culminated in an idea and brainstorming session with their entire staff about how to use 2.0 tools to improve library services.

At first when I saw the outline for the day that Deputy Director Cindy Timmerman had outlined, I was a bit worried that we might be pressing our luck to keep staff engaged in a 45 minute session at the end of the day. But I was pleased to see I was wrong. Not only did the staff keep throwing out ideas, but as the ideas started to float around, we learned that one staff member had already provided leadership in developing a library wiki, Loudounpedia, and senior staff had launched the “Ask Away” blog to support internal communication and dialogue! All this in addition to having nearly 50% of their staff completing LCPL's Learning 2.0 - Wow!

Anyway, for those in attendance for my talk, here are my slides (pdf).

And to Doug, Cindy, Mary Lou, Linda, Virginia & everyone at LCPL – thanks for the conversation, hospitality and T-shirt. You guys definitely have the best summer reading t-shirt that I’ve ever seen.


Cindy said...

Helene - thanks for your kind words!! And thanks for giving our staff such a fabulous experience last Friday! And of course, you're quite welcome for the shirt....hope to see you at ALA

Mary Lou said...

Yes it is fun to see you in our shirt. And it fits!! Thanks again for a wonderful presentation.

Mason Yang said...

Thank you for your presentation and sharing your slides. I am looking forward to having another look at your slides.