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Everything is Misc quote
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In my daughter's 3rd grade class they call this a "sloppy copy" - a first draft of something you plan to rewrite.

Anyway, I found this note that I had written back in May or June when I was reading David Weinberger's latest book and had planned to blog it.

"To get as good at browsing as we are at finding - and take advantage of the digital opportunity - we have to get rid of the idea that there's a best way of organizing the world."

- David Weinberger, Everything is Miscellaneous

There's a lot to think about in that statement, especially related libraries.

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Anonymous said...

How true! Good quote to pluck out of a good book.

Tim Spalding, who gave me a copy of that very book during ALA, has come up with a further twist on that idea this week. He added a "tag mirror" on LibraryThing. If tags represent a collaborative alternative to formal subject headings, a tag mirror let's you see how your books are described by everyone else.

In a way, that suggests there's not even a best way of organizing your own stuff!