PULISDO presentation

I’m at the airport right now and heading back home after a quick turnaround trip to upstate NY to speak to library system directors at the PULISDO gathering in Utica. Driving over from Syracuse I phoned my hubby, who is from this area. “How’s it look?” he asked. “Nice & green” I responded with a smile.

Indeed, this area of the country is beautiful with it's lazy rolling hills and miles of green pastures. Compared to NC which is currently looking very brown, dry, and brittle, it was a very pleasant sight.

Anyway, enough on the color commentary. For those in attendance today for my talk here are my slides from my program.

Thanks for the lively conversation and comments. It’s always nice to have so many people add their thoughts and views to the presentation. Dialogue is good... not to mention it's also nice indication that I (or the topic) didn't bore you to death. :)

PULISDO: Library & Learning 2.0: It's about ... Play! (.pdf)

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Pamela said...

Helene, that social networking site for knitters (and crocheters) I mentioned is There are only 6,526 ahead of me!

It was great getting to hear you in person today. Thank you so much for coming. --Pamela