Just a few MustBlogThis items

Since the MustBlogThis tag in my has been building up over the last two weeks, I thought I’d just do a list of quick items that have caught or peaked my interest:

  • AIM anonymous chat widget - a nice addition to any IM reference service and since AIM is one of the biggest chat clients out there ( and most likely if you’re doing IM, you offer it to AIM accounts) this seems like a no-brainer.

  • On Crowd Sourcing & Sourcing Crowds - “They are getting more entertainment value out of being amateur producers of this stuff than they would purely as consumers” Isn’t that was it’s all about… having an active part in the process, rather then just being on the passive receiving end.

  • Innovation @ Google – Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience, talks about the top 9 things that Google has learned about innovation. Great presentation with lots of good thoughts - well worth the watch or listen.

  • We asked for 2.0 Libraries, we got 2.0 Librarians - Ryan Deschamps “In short, the library 2.0 movement was not really about changing libraries, but changing librarians.

  • Tank Books – Filed under clever advertising pitch, but lousy idea.

    And this last one is my favorite which fell by surprise into my RSS feeds for ImaginOn…

  • Behind Blue Eyes - a video created by a teen in Studio I. Be sure to check out the extended notes for the video - “Created at Studio I, took about 4 to 5 visits of 2-4 hours Created using downshooting animation, drawn using a whiteboard.” I luv this --- totally

OK, That’s all… at least for now. Be back later. :)

BTW: Just noticed in my blog stats that this post marks a milestone -- my 500th entry on LibraryBytes. :)

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Hey! Thanks so much for blogging my video, I really really apreciate it :D