More Neat Summer Reading Photo Finds

One of the best things about Flickr is how easily it can accommodate the sharing of great ideas. Case in point, this stumbled upon item tonight. Mill Valley Library in conjunction with their Summer Reading program encouraged kids who traveled this summer (& may have missed the “best of summer reading”) to send a postcard to the library. Here’s a slide show of the results:

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

If you’re wondering how I created this slideshow from the Mill Valley Flickr set, it was easy. I just used FlickrSlidr to generate the code.

On a related note: I also love this idea from NY State’s Summer Reading. They encouraged folks not only to upload their summer reading photos, but also provided the embed-able code for anyone else to grab and help them showcase the program’s success. Great idea Polly!


Anonymous said...

Hi Helene,

It looks like from the post card that it is Mill Valley Public library and not Milly Springs Library.


HeleneB said...

Thanks Kevin for the correction. I have a relative that live nears a small town named Mill Springs, so I guess that's where it came from - my mistake. Thanks for the alerting me.

practical katie said...

What a fun idea and that flickrslidr is also cool.