A year of Learning 2.0

When I realized the date today was August 3rd, I knew I needed to interrupt my sablogical to share this insight ... today marks the one year anniversary of Learning 2.0

Honestly it seems like ages since Michael Stephens and Michael Casey joined our staff for our Technology Summit where the program was launched. And had I know then what I know now, I would spent some time developing some type of FAQ guide to help answer the hundreds of emails I've responded over the past year about the logistics, etc. of how to setup and run the program.

After over 200 inquiries from other libraries & non-profits -- I've got a folder in Outlook that I saved them in. In makes it easy to cut and paste responses to previous inquiries, so I guess that's my personal faq guide :) -- Learning 2.0 seems to have circumvented the globe. They're doing it in Norway, in Denmark, in Germany and all over Australia. (see Minerva Shelved's google map)

Anyway, it's been a fantastic year and the grassroots success of this program has surpassed my wildest dreams. Funny, when I set out to design and develop the program for PLCMC staff, my initial goal was to reach 125 employees. Never did I imagine that in less than a year later, the program would have been adapted or duplicated by nearly 125 different libraries. :)

So... Thanks all, for not only seeing the potential that these tools have to bring individuals and communities together, but for actually seizing the opportunity. It's been amazing to see the library community connecting all over the globe this past year on a similar mission. And I am truly honored to work in a profession that is so generous, collaborative and sharing.

[Note: Heading back to my sablogical now. Will return shortly.]


Cindy said...

Helene: Thank you too!! Hope you're summer is going well - we still have some stragglers finishing up 2.0....

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a hugely successful year, Helene. You've been an inspiration to many people at many libraries.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Helene from Austria, keep goin'!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the inspiration to innovate!

Rob, with School Library Learning 2.0

Girl by Sea said...

Congratulations on inspiring so many libraries to jump on board 2.0. Your design made it easy and FUN! We played and learned! Enjoy your well deserved sablogical!

Heike said...

Thanks to you, Helen, for your inspiration. I am about to leave for this year's IFLA Congress and will write about it in my own blog. I never would have imagined that before your presentation in Frankfurt.

bossyprl said...

Hi Helene, congratulations on the first birthday of a world wide Phenomena! We are rolling Learning 2.0 out to 1,000 public librarians in Victoria from September - and the word just keeps spreading! best wishes from Australia, Christine

Bente Jensen said...

Hi Helene

Copenhagen, Randers and Herning libraries have almost finished “23 ting” and this last week we had a “23 ting” kickoff day. 92 persons from 35 libraries in Denmark participated and are planning to start the program. So thanks to you by the end of 2008 the almost all the Danish libraries will be web 2.0 libraries
Looking forward to see you in London

Bente “23 ting” project manager