L2.1 - Thing 35: Micro Blogging

Note: If an effort to keep with all the learning happening over at Learning 2.1, I've decided to include my thoughts on the discovery excercises here as well. What I love L2.1, is that it allows us all to be learners and discovery guides together.

Mary always adds great little tidbits to her blog posts and from following her latest entry on Learning 2.1, I've learned about a few other services in the Twitter vein. I’ve had a Twitter account for a few months now and although I don’t “twit” regularly, I have definitely experienced how this 140 character medium can come in handy.

Example: In Australia last month when I couldn’t get access to my email remotely to retrieve an address and send word to friend about my arrival time in Melbourne, I used Twitter to send a short message to her and 15 minutes later she sent a twit back (including her email). And at ALA, I used Twitter to connect with friends in both the exhibit hall and across the DC landscape. Since twits can be received via cell phones, it allows for easy communication and messaging with multiple friends.

Anyway, I need to look more into Pownce and others. I received a Pownce invite from someone (Mary was it you?) about two weeks ago, but now can’t seem to find it. So if anyone has a spare, please send it to me. WOW! That didn't take long. Thanks M! If anyone else wants one, I have 6 to now send :)

BTW: Twittervision 3D is just too entertaining. It makes me feel like I'm a member of the Space Shuttle.


Greg Schwartz said...

I tried to send one to your gmail and it says your account already exists.

Unknown said...

Like your analysis and how you see the 140 letter limit as a benefit! On, you have 200 limit! Come on, spoil yourself!