Happy Birthday Discovery Place!

My first year anniversary with CML is quickly approaching this week ( my how time goes by fast). But as I’ve learned quickly in my short 52 weeks here, my short-timer status is nothing compared to the tenure of Discovery Place - the work-horse application of the library system.

CML I believe may be the last large urban library system in the country to still run their own home-grown ILS (yes, it’s totally true) and this past week Discovery Place celebrated a major milestone - it’s 20 birthday.

Of course, there's been lots of changes and upgrades to the system since it was launched Thanksgiving weekend in 1988 and with all the exciting upgrades that the DP (Discovery Place) team is working on we're hopeful that we can make this backbone application even more valuable.

Anyway, I have feeling there's a lot of good things ahead for both me and DP. I'm still in awe that it's been a year for me already... and am mildly hopeful I'll also make it here at CML to celebrate my 20th :)

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Cat Herself said...

Aww man . . . you guys had CAKE?!?!?!?

I remember when DP started. I remember that it was a horrible weekend to bring it up because we were always so busy on Thanksgiving weekend . . . and when it came up none of us really remembered all the training we'd had a month or more earlier. I was a clerk then (now called CSS), and it was traumatic.

I finally worked through it . . . with counseling . . . .