My 24th & final for the year

My final talk for this year was yesterday and it couldn't have been a better venue or audience. The staff at Boulder Public Library seriously rock and in touring their Main library and community, it was easy to see why Tony Tallent jumped at the opportunity to become BPL's Library & Arts Director.

For me this last talk of the year was a bit of self-imposed stretching assignment. I wanted to do something for Tony's new staff that was not only playful and fun and but also steered clear of the topics of social media and technology trends -- my typical presentation forte. I think I succeeded in doing both, but I'm always open for suggestions for improvement, Here are my slides:

From a quick recap of my calendar, it looks like I did 24 different talks this year and in all of these, it looks like I only used one slide deck twice. That's a lot of talks ... and a lot of stretching.

Thanks Tony & BPL for a awesome day of PLAY!


Anonymous said...

Helene...your presentation was great and really does have us "seein bubbles" now! I don't think we'll ever be able to see another soap bubble without thinking about this as a symbol for building great experiences WITH our community!

Anonymous said...

Your bubbles image was a fantastic way of driving home the ephemeral, yet beautiful, nature of risk-taking and new ideas. It has made me think about how I present my own new ideas, and how I react to other's ideas.

Anonymous said...

Helene---your presentation is brilliant! Thank you for inspiring me---I will be internalizing your ideas and incorporating them into my "play" as a high school librarian. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

New River Reader said...

Fascinating that it's possible to learn even without the audio. Watching the slides is fun, of course, but also stimulates LOTS of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations on a great year of talks. This last presentation has me bouncing in my chair at the refdesk for sheer enthusiasm.

Your blog always inspires me. Thank you for the work you do.

kaygraphic said...

I love the unifying theme of bubbles, so simple, yet loaded with meaning. Good work!

KathleenC said...

Besides the great presentation was the inspiration I was able to pass on to my niece growing up in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Look Cassidy, people from Wisconsin really do go on to bigger things. Wisconsin residency is not a life sentence.

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