Thing 23: [insert happy dance]

Like many Learn & Play participants, I’m doing a happy dance right now realizing that I actually made it through all 23 things in the allotted time. I know that there are many CML staff out there still doing the program, so I want to lend my social media support (hmm… could this be a new meaning to the acronym “sms”) to all those pushing to the finish line these 48 hours.

For me the Learn & Play program has really be amazing to watch. As many of you already know, this discovery program was based upon a program idea that I launched nearly two years ago for another library system. But as look back on this experience with CML (this time both a participant and staff support cheerleader) I can honestly say that Team CML really turned up the volume. From day 1, Learn & play – ”I say LEARN, you say_____”the amazing team ( remember this video) behind this creative effort has launched themselves 100% into this effort. And for those of you participating in the program (hey, including me) you’ve responded with 200% !

My favorite part of Learn & Play definitely has to be the learning transformation that I’ve seen and watched from staff. Not only are you guys having fun, but I’ve heard about so amazing stories about how staff have reached customer in new ways as a result of being familiar with these tools and communication channels. Reference questions have been answered via twitter and even books have been reserved for customers via these new channels. In essence the program has not only been fun for staff and given many of you new tools, but already even these first few weeks, some of you have increased our libraries customer touch points through your efforts.

Tied for my favorite part of Learn & Play is also the videos. Gerald 2.0 & Library4Joy, you two seriously rawk! These videos capturing the experiences of our the staff participants are in fact the very best testimonials of how this discovery learning program has helped and united staff. In my own L&P video installment, I truly meant when I said that the worse part of Learn & Play is that it’s going to be over soon and after hearing from several staff who also are expressing the same, let me just say to the entire CML team ( yes, that means you, all 700+ employees) … let’s work together to ensure that our learning together never stops.

Congrats to all on completing this journey!

Image: licensed by derekrogerson under CC.

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