Thing 22: MOLDI (aka downloadable stuff)

I have to agree with the consensus out there that MOLDI (Mid-Ohio Library Digital Initiative) is perhaps one of the worse sounding acronyms ever. However, that being said, the content from the service more than makes up for a the sour-sounding name.

For my “moldi” experience, I chose to checkout one of the eFlicks. Of the children’s eflicks available, I learned that “Animalland“ was the most popular title downloaded from the current 140 titles available for young minds. The video come in 9 parts and is a total of an hour and nine minutes in length.

I’m downloading it right now to see what the quality is, but I'm anticipating that it is good. Will follow-up with my Siskel & Ebert soon. :)

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Anonymous said...

Soooo... what happened? Did you successfully download the movie? Was the playback quality decent? And how about the experience with the GUI and search/select/download process itself? I'm pretty vocal about how I hate the tedious process and I'm curious to read what you think about it.

The Hi-Def Librarian